Developing Multi Store Delivery App

This is a portal type submission app that display contents from various stores and franchises from many areas that have joined this app.

Suitable for the business of selling food & beverages

This application is suitable for those of you who are in the business of selling food and beverages, both individuals and franchises. Restaurant menus you can centrally manage on the same management page.

Supports Various Payment Methods

We are also able to support integration with several payment methods such as credit cards, electronic money, bank transfers, convenience stores, and cash payments on delivery, with a separate fee.

Delivery Area Can Be Set Yourself

You can set the delivery area and time in the management screen. With the GPS function on their smart phone, users can select the shop closest to where they are to place an order.

Streamline order management

Anda dapat meningkatkan efisiensi pengelolaan pesanan, karena pengelolaan pesanan dilakukan secara terpusat. Sehingga kesalahan terhadap penanganan pesanan pun bisa diminimalisir.

Delivery Application Features

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Can Register Multiple Stores

This is a delivery application that allows you to register and manage multiple restaurants.

Branding and customization

You can change the app branding to match your business name.

Various payment methods

We also provide payment gateway integration service so you can provide non-cash payment on your store.

Order tracking

After placing an order, the customer can track the order status on the timeline.

Pre Order

To increase the chances of getting a special product, users can order by pre-order system even outside the working hours of the store.

Favorite store

The user can add the shops he likes to his favorite store list so that they can access them more efficiently.

Report function

You can display reports such as order status, sales reports and then export them into CSV format.

Food ratings and reviews

Users can enter reviews and ratings to rate the store.


As a business owner, you can also issue coupons, give discounts or merchandise to increase customer loyalty.

Yield management

You can manage the sales and order status of all the stores listed on the app and print them out.

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The advantages of Multi Store Delivery App

Finding favorite stores

The application automatically displays the shop closest to the user! Your shop will be easily found only with a smartphone.


Order your favorite food

Intuitive operation makes it easy for users to choose a store, place an order, and make a payment in just a few easy steps.


Wait for food to be delivered

Because users can know the delivery time, the receiving process can also run well.


Easy ordering

Users simply specify a delivery address on the map, select a shop and menu, and wait for the order to be delivered.



With the prepaid method, users can simply take orders when they arrive without spending any more cash.


Users can find the nearest popular store by looking at their reviews

This multi store delivery app has a function that allows users to provide 5-star reviews and ratings, so it will really help other users when choosing a restaurant.

During this pandemic, the prohibition to leave the house has decreased visits to shops and restaurants,
and the number of users of food delivery services is increasing

The effects of this pandemic have caused many changes in our daily life and environmental conditions.
The call to refrain from leaving the house and the development of a remote working system, automatically affects the condition of public service businesses such as restaurants. As a result, the need for delivery applications that allow users to enjoy delicious meals at home with easy ordering methods continues to increase, and delivery applications such as “Grab” and “Gojek” are becoming increasingly popular.

For those of you restaurant owners who are still struggling in terms of managing, and also maintaining your characteristics, registering your products in an app such as Grab or similar delivery app is an option worth trying to remain competitive.

Therefore, delivery applications have a lot of interest.
This can reduce costs for shipping and promotions, so, many restaurants are trying to find a way out by launching their own branded delivery apps and using their own staff as couriers.

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Shaping uniqueness to increase competitiveness.

The number of similar businesses makes the competition in the food delivery business very tough. Therefore you need to provide a special service under your own brand to be competitive.


Understanding customer needs as an effort to attract customers.

By providing unique services such as discounts and free shipping, we can increase our customer appeal and promote products.


Looking for joint venture partners

Shop owners in shopping areas can use this application in groups. This system allows you to issue coupons which can be used at participating shops in the shopping district to attract local customers.

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Backend System


The backend can be used by logging into the WEB that we provide. The delivery app’s backend can be used to manage deliveries for multiple stores ranging from small cafes to restaurants and franchise stores.


The backend of this application is equipped with a system that allows restaurant operators to accept and manage orders from users as well as edit and add content such as food, beverage menus and others.


The backend system has two management systems, namely a management page that can centrally manage products for franchise restaurants, and a management page that allows restaurant owners to manage content individually. Please choose our service according to your needs!

Multi Store Delivery App Basic Package Price


Basic package cost includes app and backend development cost.

iOS App Basic Price

USD 4000

iOS App (iPhone)

Android App Basic Price

USD 4000

Android App

iOS + Android App Basic Price

USD 7000

iOS + Android App

For further information, please feel free to contact us!