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App Development For Business

Android and iPhone App Development

Web Programming

APPKEY is professional in Android and iPhone App Development

application products, website development for PCs & Smartphones and systems for businesses.

iOS/Android App Dev

Our company specializes in creating easy-to-use, feature-rich applications that operate on both the iOS and Android platforms, providing users with an exceptional experience.

Web App Dev

We also provide development services for applications that operate within web browsers. Our applications are mobile-friendly and designed with responsive layouts that are tailored to meet our clients’ needs.

App Backend Dev

We offer expertise in designing and developing the backend functions of applications, including database design, API development, and server setup.

App Management

We provide ongoing support for the applications we develop, including user support, updates, bug fixes, and performance enhancements.

Development of APPKEY

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Mastery of Quality Technology

In addition to create applications and homepages, we are also expert in database usage, payment systems integration, GPS, API and others.

Great Performances

Able to meet customer needs for iOS + android app development, CMS based for websites, responsive web and others.

Quality Assurances

Providing a professional UI / UX design that meets the characteristics of the device, to can satisfy our users, especially users in Indonesia.

Design Abilities

Able to provide any advices on design, images, and also icons for any interfaces in applications and websites.

Total Support

Provide overall support in terms of applications building, such as application registration to the app store support, server management, operations, SEO and other support.

Affordable Prices

We will organize an efficient work system with achievements and knowledge of many projects, and reduce development time.

Back End System Development

Back End System is a management system for applications and websites. This system related with applications and websites by making use of servers, databases, APIs etc.

Multilingual Support

For promoting any products, the existence of a website or application in a variety of languages will be very supportive. For customers who desire a multi-language application or web, we can help you for preparing datas in various languages.

Planning, Technical Capabilities and Development Experiences

All in one stop begin from planning, UI / UX design, design, development, until the operations. By engaging the experience and expertise that processed through services, we support your application development projects.


We not only make the web based on what customers requested, but do planning together with customers is our basic concept as well.

As professionals in creating applications, we design optimal applications that emphasize UI (User Interface), UX (User Experience), system availability for customers and users, outlining plans and concepts from the perspective view of both parties.


Aside from the application development of the iPhone & Android, we also provide expert engineers for server, so you can entrust the entire application development to us.

Furthermore, because we build systems with internal resources without outsourcing, we understand for the experience and capabilities that we have, and it can be reflected in your project as it is.


There are also pretty much of customers make the application for the first time. Not just until the application is complete, we will also continue to support your business as of many users can utilize it. Providing promotive strategies for smartphone application customers, including proxy applications for online shop, ASO (APP Store Optimization), article review, AWS operation, and reports of application usage.

Application & Web Development Experience

Since its establishment in 2012, Appkey has honed its experience and skills in application and web development on a national and international scale, such as Japan, Singapore, and Australia.

  • Navigator App

    • Navigator app provides navigation and map services for drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. These apps help users find the shortest or fastest route to their destination and provide real-time traffic updates.

  • Work efficiency app

    • Work efficiency app is designed to help individuals or teams improve their productivity and time management. These apps offer features such as task management, scheduling, time tracking, and project collaboration.

  • Camera App

    • Camera app is a mobile application that allows users to take and edit photos and videos using their smartphone or tablet. These apps may offer various features such as filters, effects, and editing tools.

  • Catalog App

    • Catalog app provides users with digital catalogs of products and services. These apps allow users to browse and purchase products, view product information and details, and receive special offers or discounts.

  • Dictionary App

    • Dictionary app provides users with a digital reference of words and their definitions. These apps may also include features such as word pronunciation, word origin, and thesaurus.

  • News App

    • News app provides users with the latest news and information on various topics such as politics, sports, entertainment, and more. These apps offer customized news feeds and real-time updates.

  • Quiz App

    • Quiz app is an application that offers users various quizzes and trivia games to play. These apps may feature different topics such as history, geography, movies, or general knowledge.

  • Travel App

    • Travel app provides users with travel information such as flight schedules, hotel reservations, and local attractions. These apps also offer features such as trip planning, reviews, and recommendations.

  • Children’s App

    • Children’s app is an application designed for children to use. These apps may offer various activities such as games, puzzles, and educational content.

  • Educational App

    • Educational app provides learning content and resources to users. These apps may focus on specific subjects such as math, language, or science, and offer various tools and features to support learning.

  • Music App

    • Music app allows users to stream or download music and create playlists. These apps also offer features such as artist information, song lyrics, and personalized recommendations.

  • Shopping App

    • Shopping app provides users with the ability to browse and purchase products online. These apps may offer features such as price comparison, product reviews, and personalized recommendations.

Project Work Processing

While working on a website or application project, good communication with clients is at our first-rate. We believe that with this, the development process will run smoothly and produce high quality products.


Anything about your needs and questions regarding the website and application, please contact us using the following contact form. Our marketing will answer your questions within a snap.


Before deciding to make an application or website, we recommend that you can explain the scheme of the application and the web that will be created. The explanation / scheme will greatly help us in providing for the price offering.


To start a contract with our company, please clarify matters relating to technical issues first, development risks, processing time and especially the costs required.


Before the development process begins, we will determine the basic specifications and designs first. These two parts are then shown to the client, and we will begin to build after getting approval.

UI/UX Design

To map out a quality UI / UX design as your desire, our designers will make a design according to the basic needs while considering to the client's desires to create a good design and easy to use by end users.


The detailed design here is the creation of data flow documentation in the application. The coding / development stage by the programmer will be carried out based on the detailed design made by the system analyst team.


After the application nor website have been completed, it followed by a trial session which consists of examining bugs, display compatibility, page transitions and others.


Applications nor websites that have pass through the trial process, will be published after. The application is uploaded to Google Play / Appstore and the website is uploaded to the server after the domain is set.


After a website or application is built, it needs to be maintained to keep the performance remains good. The things that need to be done in the maintenance session are handling bugs, viruses, hacking actions and others.

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