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Doctor Appointment App UI

Develop an iOS and Android compatible app that can be used for dental and medical clinics.

Standard features include a reservation system, stamps, coupons, push notifications, and other functions necessary to support medical and dental clinics in attracting customers, attracting more patients, and increasing the number of patients. Original functions can be added with a semi-order system. One-pack development including back-end.


Design is very important for end users to be able to use a technology comfortably and comfortably.
In developing an application, it is possible for you to easily make design adjustments on the application’s top page.
Our goal is to create original applications specifically for clinics that are easy to use, satisfying and in accordance with the ideas and needs of customers. When other companies only provide static application design templates and make your application look the same as the others,
We can help you make original clinical applications according to your needs. For further information, please contact us.

Reservasi layanan klinik

Reservations for clinic services

This is a sophisticated reservation system for medical services from the clinic.
This system can accept orders from users for 24 hours nonstop. You can make arrangements for medical officers’ schedules and holidays through the web admin so that reservations can be controlled.
When a reservation is made, an automatic reply is sent to the patient. Reservation management can be done even outside the consultation hour without having to make the patient wait. Patients can make reservations at night or during a trip.
In addition, personal information when a patient makes a reservation is stored in a database and can be viewed from the admin panel, so as to minimize loss of patient contact.
This is a simple and new reservation system that allows patients to make an appointment online from home and then go to the clinic/hospital when the examination time is near.

Member Login

By logging into the application, users can check coupons that have been collected, notifications sent to certain customers from the clinic, and seals.
The clinic can manage customer information on the web back end, so coupons and messages can be distributed on certain days to certain users.
The member function helps the clinic collect personal information from users and helps attract and retain customers.
In addition, the existence of this function can help you to add and adjust various functions that are limited to members.
Please contact us regarding the addition of the membership function.

Login Member

Loyalty Program

This is a digital visit stamp feature. By collecting these stamps, users can get unique rewards from clinics such as discounts and others. Image stamp icon can be freely determined.
The number of stamp frames can also be determined.
To get a visit stamp, users can show their member number and the admin can provide a stamp through the back end based on that number.
You can update the stamp at any time from the backend.
Even if you can’t stamp it right then, you can write down the patient’s ID and give it later when you have enough time.


The coupon function is a function that allows you to easily create and edit effective coupons to attract customers using the application.
The title, terms/conditions, coupon availability, expiration date, background colour, and description can be edited freely on the management web page, and you can increase the number of coupons.
Coupon function, which allows you to easily give discounts and gift products to customers. Can also be used for various ways according to your idea. Please use this feature to help you attract customers.

Push Notifikasi

Push Notifications

Push notification is a unique function to attract customers by sending messages from the store even when the customer does not turn on the application.
There are two types of push notifications for this clinic application, which are “news distribution” which can be distributed to all members and “notifications” sent specifically to certain users such as birthday coupons and others.
In addition, the push notification function of the clinical application can be linked to detailed pages that can be freely edited, such as images and text, so that it can be used as a more powerful customer acquisition tool.

News Blast (Push Notifications)

The clinic can deliver the latest news from the clinic with push notifications.
Information about the doctor’s schedule and other important information can be informed to patients’ smartphones that have been registered in real-time.
Delivery of news can be done even when the user does not turn on the application, thereby increasing the percentage of application access.
The news feature has the advantage of being able to send the news to all users at once.
News is accumulated in the application, so information that has been past can be seen again through this application.
In addition to the news function, push notifications have a “notification function” that allows you to send notifications to certain customers.

Broadcast Berita (Push Notifikasi)
Review dari pengguna

User’s Review

Customers who go to the clinic can use the “review function” which allows them to write evaluations and rate medical content, services and so on.
“Evaluation functions” containing comments from patients/visitors can be published at the discretion of the clinic.
These comments can even be edited before being published.
Reviews from customers who come to the clinic can be a reference for other customers, and the number of reviews can increase information on the clinic page.
Also effective to improve the performance of the clinic as a place to receive complaints and opinions from customers.


Service pages and product pages with photos can be registered through the back end even after the application has been released (AppStore, Goole Play).
You can always keep it attractive and up-to-date.
In this function, you can create and edit product pages and delete old information.
The editing and creation tools on the WEB back end allow you to insert photos, make text larger or smaller, and use bold text, italics, and HTML tags so that making various views can be done.
After editing, the page can be directly reflected in the application, so that clinic services can be updated at any time if needed.


Map of clinic location

You can display the location of clinics in the application and users can use the navigation function from their location to the clinic.
Store location on the map will be displayed with a pin, users can zoom in and out as needed.
In addition, the navigation function works using GooleMap (on Android) and AppleMap (on iPhone) to guide users to find your clinic location, by displaying distances, routes and vehicles to be used.

Contact the clinic

The contact function can be linked to a back-end system to accumulate contact information into the database and can be forwarded to the admin’s email address.
Additionally, by adding a reservation button in the application, you can easily link the application to the reservation system currently operating on the clinic’s website or another reservation system.


Application back end system

Applications can be edited freely from the back-end system (management screen).
In addition, this web back end is a responsive web so you can access it and edit data through tablets, smartphones or computers.
The content that has been changed will be displayed in the application in real-time.
Most of the functions on this application page can be edited in the back end.
The editing operation is very simple and intuitive, so it is easy to use by those who are not familiar with web operations.


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