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APPKEY | App development cost
The app development cost is the most worrying matter when we decide to develop an app using a developer company. For more info, please feel free to contact us.
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App development cost

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Please feel free to contact us if you have questions regarding the details of Android and iOS app development cost breakdown.

Nowadays, the ownership of smartphones reaches more than 70% in the world, so if you are businessman (and owning a company) who want to advance your company’s performance, you may need to convert your company sites into Android and iOS applications.

Due to the cost of developing applications varies greatly depending on the content and its elements, the best way to get an accurate price is acquiring an app development cost quotation.

How to Calculate an App Development Cost

In developing an app, the “man-month” system and the calculation of “number of workers (personnel costs) x working time” is commonly use as the basic calculation of app development cost.

The reason will be understandable if you look at the application development process.

The process of application development itself, both Android and iOS (iPhone / iPad application) are as follows:


Application Development Process

Design (requirement & design definition) → programming → testing (system test • operating test) → release application / handover / operation and maintenance.

Human resources involved in the development process are project manager, designer and system programmer.

Project Manager is not only involved in the preparation process but must be involved in the whole process. Instead, programmers and designers are only involved in the application programming process.


This role differences will also be reflected in monthly price.

If the number of working hours increases, it will require more workdays and manpower of app development costs will be charged and listed in the budget as well.


In other words, the more total functions and production elements required for the application that being developed, the more manpower and costs needed.


Applications that do not have special functions and display screens only require low cost, while applications with complicated functions such as games, will cost a lot of money.

App development costs vary according to the app spesification itself

App development cost according to application contents and specifications are as follows:


Shopping cart system: 500 ~ 15000 USD

Catalog 2000 ~ 7000 USD

System call / chat application: 3000 ~ 25000 USD

App games 100 ~ 1000 USD

SNS location information system: 2000 ~ 80000 USD

Tool system: 2000 ~ 20000 USD


So, the app development costs are different depending on the specifications (functions) of the application itself. For your reference, we offer the price in estimation before giving the detailed offer/quotes.

The app development cost will be double if you need android and iOS app

When we have to develop Android applications as well as iOS applications for iPhone and iPad. Since the development environment and programming language used are different for each of both OSes, we have to estimate multiple costs when developing applications that are compatible with both OS.


Besides, OS adjustments may also generate additional costs, so if you want an adjustment to the OS version, please note that app development cost will increase and listed in the cost budget.


In Indonesia, the cost of iOS application development is more expensive than Android because the environment and people who specialize in the program are less than the Android application.

Planning, Documentation and Design Cost

The app development cost will be various depending on whether you prepare the design material or ask everything to the developer company.


Some people may think that designing smartphone application display is simple due to small screen. Both Android and iOS application (iPhone / iPad application) have various screen sizes depending on it is an old or new device. Special knowledge and experience are required to design with integrated and user friendly interfaces .


When developing an application from the planning phase, we need to consider the concept of the application that will be made, because at the time of development, several ideas between the designer and engineer are usually happen.

Operational Support Costs

At a glance, you might think that the application creation process was completed as it released, but similarly with other systems we also need to carry out operational and maintenance.


There are various processes that need to be done after the release, including fixing bugs and problems that cannot be found at the development stage, creating a user-friendly environment, adding features and updating OS versions and others.


Depending on the application content, there are any information that needs to be updated regularly, and things that do not need to be updated, but will become old technology (cannot be used) if it is not updated.


Therefore, why the operational and maintenance processes are required after the application is released. However, due to the costs involved in this process are not included in the app development cost, so if you ignore it accidentally, you may have over budget due to lack of planning from the beggining.


Besides, applications with a back-end (management screen) will require server costs, domain fees, SSL fees, and back-end operation support costs.


For other development companies that set a low-cost development, operational costs and high expenses every month. In APPKEY, we will offer high development costs and affordable operational support costs, but we recommend to ensure and determine the budget for operational support after release first.

Cheap package of app development cost

Now APPKEY has launched an application development service especially for businesses with short development times and low prices. We have reduced the app development costs by creating special business application templates to reduce the cost of applications development that tend to be expensive. And we have cut it around 10% to 30% from the original price.


As for the applications that we have today, such as delivery application, shopping applications, store applications (companies), and booking applications. Next, we also plan to offer various other application packages that can be used in business.


For more details, you can visit the APPSHOP website.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any help.