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APPKEY | App development company
PT. APPKEY is an app development company located in Denpasar, Bali that capable build a system of mobile app for both iOS & Android and websites.
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App development company

Phone: +62-361-23-8091

Office Hours: Monday–Saturday from 9am–5pm (GMT+8)

Company NamePT APPKEY
Form of InvestmentForeign Direct Investment (FDI)
AddressJL Batu Sari No.3 -3 Renon,Denpasar, Bali - Indonesia
Postal code:80226
Telephone NumberTEL: +62-361-238091
Email Addressinfo@appkey.dev
Japanese Webhttps://appkey.jp/
Indonesian Webhttps://appkey.co.id
System Development WEBhttp://appkey.id/
Low-priced Application Development Packagehttps://app.appkey.dev/
Company Establishment16 / 3 / 2012
Business CoverageAndroid & iOS applications development, hybrid applications development, mobile sites, responsive websites, e-commerce websites, web app creation, web operation & maintenance, graphic design, IT consultants
Client ListingJTB Pte Ltd / (Asia Pacific Head Quarters), H.I.S. Co., Ltd., Sharp Corporation, U-TEC CO.,LTD., Global Desain Co, Ltd, GENOVA Co, Ltd, JTB Pte Ltd / JTB Singapore · Inbound Branch, PT. JTB INDONESIA, 世帝喜旅行社股イ分有限公司(JTB台湾) 、JTB Australia Pty Limited、JTB New Zealand Limited、JTB INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED, JTB Cambodia Branch Kamboja, JTB Philippines, JTB(Macau) Travel Limited , ETC
オフショア開発 インドネシア バリ島

High Level of Usability

Aims to develop applications and websites that are easy to understand and visitor friendly.

Instead of put a complicated hierarchy content, we try to convey the thoughts of our customers with a comfortable design.

Besides, we also set up your company’s original system where customers can easily update and adjust data on the administrator side.


Providing affordable prices for expensive systems

In our services, customers can use a web system worth of hundreds of millions at an affordable price.

Even customers are no need to set up a server to use this service.


Total support, even the site is post-published

No need to worry even you are beginner about application and web.

After the site is done, we still provide after service.

Feel free to consult us about problems / consultations / questions etc. regarding the application or web.


We also provide an SEO consultation.

You can search through search engines such as Google. Make a display for search matches the type of business and products that customers have in order to achieve satisfaction.



Junnosuke Nakamura


I moved from Japan to Indonesia (Bali) and started the application and website business in 2010 and have made this app development company in two years later. At the time, smartphones such as the iPhone and Android were not yet known by the public, especially in Indonesia. But after a few years later, even a small child had brought a smartphone.


In line with its popularity, smartphone and Web-based applications are growing rapidly, and many business applications have arisen. Now times have changed, where web that accessed using laptops before, is accessed more using smartphones nowadays.


Today has become a period where technology has evolved so quickly that even the next 5 years are unpredictable. In this era, many innovation companies will shift society. On the other hand, however, it is not possible for companies with this intense supremacy get used to everything in business.


And we are only fans, supporters, and even a background music from all. Not being the main actor of transformation and not in the spotlight. However, attempting innovations that will affect the Indonesian people, to maximize the value of the company, by providing knowledge and agility about digital domains that we have developed in Japan, I want to help modify Indonesian business indirectly. That is the importance of our existence in society. What we do is supporting innovation.


Making media for innovation. We think this is the best phase for us.


I want to pay more attention to the new digital waves that cannot be penetrated even though this is a revolutionary idea that cannot fully show its advantages. Everyone in Indonesia has such problems and challenges, please give us support. We are ready to help you with your business and sophisticated marketing strategies and high-quality designs.

About Us


JL Batu Sari No.3 -3 Renon, Denpasar, Bali – Indonesia
Postal Code:80226



+62-361-23-8091 / +62-361-474-2460


Office Hours:

Monday–Saturday from 9am–5pm (GMT+8)

Do not hesitate to contact us for any help.