Doctor Appointment Booking App

Doctor Appointment Booking App is a complete medical solution for users.
You can find best doctors around you, check his profile, check his availability and time and book and appointment to your suitable time slots.


Doctor Appointment App

Develop an application with a system to manage medical services menu and reservations for patients. The application of medical care services in an affordable cost and a brief development time


Flexible Reservations

Patients can easily make reservations for medical services anytime and anywhere for 24 hours nonstop.


Ease of Use

You don’t need the expertise about IT to be able to use E- clinic, because the application system is very easy to use with it’s intuitive and responsive user interface display.


Pop Up Notifications

The pop-up notification feature makes it easy for the clinic to notify patients about the results of the check-up and provide health care recommendations anytime and anywhere.

The Clinic Application is a reservation tool that makes it easy for patients to make a reservation for their medical care service

This application adopts UI / UIX design that makes it easy for users to use this application without requiring more knowledge about computers and IT.
This application is specifically developed with an easy configuration and management system
making it easier for users to manage information in detail.

Clinic Application Features

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Manage Your Schedule

Make it easy for clinic and the patients to set a reservation schedule.

Loyalty Program

User can collect visiting stamp cards to get a rewards from clinic.

Push Notification

An interesting feature to send information for specific users and all users.


User can use the coupon they have to get special offers from clinic.


Provides news and other interesting information about health.

Easy Management

Without IT skills, you can easily manage applications.

Clinic Applications can be used anytime anywhere on Android and iOS Device

The clinic application can be used to manage medical service reservations in the clinic. Application users (the patients) are also facilitated by the online reservation function through the mobile application.

The Clinic application makes it easy for patients to make reservation for medical care anytime and anywhere.


Schedule Updates

The clinic can determine the doctor’s practice schedule for the next few days and enter it in the admin panel.
Changes to information from the clinic such as changes in doctor’s practice schedule will automatically be reflected in the application and can be known by patients (application users) in realtime.


Service Update

The clinic can set the type of service and description of the service so that it can make it easier for patients to know what service is right for them. In addition to updating existing information, clinics can also increase or decrease the services they have as needed.


Attractive Features

There are interesting features such as coupons and stamps that increasingly spoil the application user. The clinic can adjust these features as needed. We also accept requests to add certain interesting features or change features in the application according to your needs.


Application Update Service

APPSHOP also provides application and content update services for clients who cannot update themselves. Starting from the application version update to update content that will be displayed in the application. This can be done when the application development is complete through maintenance services with separated cost offer.

Aplikasi Klinik
歯科アプリ バックエンド

Intuitive Admin Panel display make it easy to operate



To be able to access the admin panel, the administrator must enter a unique code. This code is part of a security system that we implemented in building an application that is able to keep personal data safe and confidential. We also encrypt all types of data streams related to the application so that only authorized parties can view the information being managed.


Ease of Use

To operate this Clinic application, you don’t need to have special skills. With a responsive and friendly UI / UX display, it makes it easy for users to use the services provided in this application. The clinic easily sends information to patients, and users/patients can easily make reservations whenever and wherever they are.

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