FUNCTION | Multi Store Delivery App

This delivery application can be used by various types of your business and depends on your business ideas.

Basic Features of Multi Store Delivery App

Customizable from the basic features.

You can register more than one store

This is a delivery app that allows you to register and manage multiple store.
Multi store management is a function that allows you to use or manage multiple stores using a single ID. The stores you manage are displayed on the management screen.

Easy order

If you group your products by category, users will be able to easily search and order from a variety of product genres, such as pizza, sushi, curry, Chinese food, bento boxes, party catering, and even liquor.
Users simply select a shop and menu, specify a shipping address on the map, and wait for the order to be delivered.

Branding and customization

You can change the app brand by providing a name according to your trademark.
You can customize the look, set the layout, add functions, etc. To create your own original brand.

Multi payment integration

As an option, we can integrate this app with your preferred payment gateway.
We offer integration with various payment methods such as credit card payments, convenience store payments, electronic money payments, COD payments, PayPal, LINE pay and others.

Order history

After placing an order, users can check their order history on their timeline.
From the backend, the operator will change the status of the user’s order to a new order, being prepared, ready, on the way, delivered and then informing the user about this status through the application.

Pre Order

Pre-orders can be made by the user even outside of working hours, to reduce the possibility of losing the desired product.
It is a service that allows users to pre-order by specifying the desired date and time and place from the menus in many stores.


You can use the coupon function to provide discounts or gifts to mobilize repeat customers.
By issuing special coupons for customers in the form of gifts and discounts, you can increase customer loyalty for repeat visits that aim to increase sales.

Sales report

You can display reports such as order status and profits then export them to a CSV file.
Income details, monthly transitions, and income details for each store can be displayed at once and then the report data can be exported into CSV, Excel, PDF, and other formats.

Daftar fitur aplikasi

Edit multiple restaurants

You can manage multiple stores or franchise stores just like Uber Eats do.

Store logo registration

You can customize the app logo according to your own trademark logo.

Store register

You can also manage each shop separately using different accounts.

Menu register

Allows you to modify or add the menu(products) for each shop.

Manajemen kategori menu

Menu categories can be separated for each shop.

Management of submenu categories

In each shop it is also possible to classify the menu by category.

Display menu's image

It allows you to add a suitable image for each menu.

Sales report

Monthly calculations can be performed efficiently for each store.

Order confirmatiom

You can check incoming orders in real time.

Checking order status

Order status can be changed to ``New order, being created, completed and delivered``.

Discount coupon

You can also set the discount coupon amount, expiration date, and coupon code.

Nearby store display

The GPS function on the app will display the closest store registered.

Displays a list of partner stores

You can display the restaurants that you want to promote from the stores listed on the app.

Shows recommended stores

Through the store list, the store with the highest sales rate is automatically shown at the top.

Store search function

Users can search for products by entering search keywords and the results will be displayed in the app.

Category filter

Menus listed in categories on the backend can be classified and displayed in a menu list in the app.

Restoran favorite

Anda dapat menandai restoran favorit dan menampilkannya dalam daftar favorit.

Store rate

After completing an order, user can use the feedback function to rate the store by 5 star rate.

Checkout function

A system to determine delivery destination, date, time, quantity, etc. to estimate payments.

Shopping cart

You can save and manage the products you want and put them in the shopping cart until you make a payment.

Add shipping address options

You can set the product delivery address by entering the address or setting the location on the map.

Multi-contact function

You can contact any store listed on the app.

Delivery area management

You can register and set the product delivery address by entering the address or set it on the map.

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