Mobile application development


If you are searching for a mobile application development company, please contact PT. APPKEY. Starting from Android / iPhone applications, we have experience in developing business applications using tablet devices such as iPad. We also process Back End system and API development services.


We operate in-house company website services, but not for mobile application development services only, we also always prioritize customers and discuss with them as a fundamental attitude of our company.


We embrace planning and concepts based on the ideas of customers and users, and both parties, as professionals in mobile application development services, User Interface, UX (User Experience), and system availability.


It is not only mobile application development services and development of Android / iPhone applications, but we also have experienced technicians in server systems, so you don’t need to hesitate to hand the need of the system for the application to us.


Furthermore, because we build a development system with internal sources without outsourcing, we can implement the expertise and experiences that has accumulated in the company with no need to distribute it in the customer’s project as it is.


There are also pretty much of customers start to develop the application for the first time. We not just create and complete  the application only, but we will also continue to support your business as of your application’s users can utilize it.


We fully support the strategies for your smartphone application such as, for example, uploading applications to the PlayStore or AppStore, ASO (App Store Optimization), creating review articles, operations and storage on AWS, etc.

Sequences of Mobile Application Development Services

We provide full support from the planning phase to the design development phase, until the management after the application is released. We not only make applications for customers, but we will continue to be with our customers until the application is work out.

Our task is to develop starting from create UI designs based on basic designs

Opinions in the Form of Suggestions and Ideas

Opinions in the Form of Suggestions and Ideas

We will propose suggestions and opinions through interviews with clients, for each problem and requirements regarding the functions contained in the application.

Basic Requirements and Documentation

Basic Requirements and Documentation

We analyze the functions and systems needed, and determine the basic specifications of the application. We will share the description of the application by creating a document in the form of display configuration and display transition diagram to avoid misunderstandings with previous ideas given by the client.

Easy to Adjust Response for Basic Design

Documentation and UI Design

Documentation and UI Design

We also provide basic design and design services such as design for UI. The design will made by experienced designers who can design according to the functions needed, and make the UI design friendly to use.

Detailed Documentation and Development

Detailed Documentation and Development

We also work on detailed documentation for the applications based on basic design and develop the applications. Aside from having skilled technicians of Android / iOS, we also have technicians who are experts on the server, so no need to hesitate to give us database servers and APIs to be able to use in the application.



We will verify all system application operation based on trial specifications.

Provide post-release application support from promotions to the ongoing operation

Upload application to the AppStore and PlayStore

Upload application to the AppStore and PlayStore

We will process application publications to the Store such as the AppStore and Google PlayStore.

Promotional Support

Promotional Support

We also propose some suggestions for promoting post-release applications using media from your own company or media from other companies.

Maintenance Service

Maintenance Service

For maintenance services, you can also rely on our services. We also respond to things as making improvements to applications and updates to the OS system.

Mobile Application Development Services by PT. APPKEY

Commitment for design, UI and UX

Application development by PT. APPKEY is oriented towards design quality such as the UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience). Easy operability and functionality cannot be obtained on a website and this is one of the advantages of native applications, and unlimited for good applications only.

You need to know more about the specifications and characteristics of the OS system (Android / iOS) and devices, and it is important to work on creative designs and the ability to manage them.

As professionals in application development, we continue to do research every day in order to meet the customer’s business needs and provide the highest quality services.

Easy Development of the Back End System

Android / iPhone application has a standlone application and a system that can connect to the server.

Apart from technicians who are responsible for application development, APPKEY has a large number of technicians who are experienced in server system programming and have various capabilities of services such as blogging.

Developer team is responsible for the Back End system in the application, and possibility for designing and developing databases and APIs, as well as preparing environments for servers using AWS simultaneously.

Mobile Application Development Services System that are Committed to the Product

APPKEY focuses on managing project team management with internal resources, rather than relying on external resources.

Besides assigning several technicians to develop Android / iPhone applications, directors, designers, Q&A services, even sales for handling application development exclusively, every knowledge owned by each has accumulated, and knowledge from each individual shared with the entire team and reflected in every project worked on.

Moreover, we established a local subsidiary (Seesaa Vietnam), and have strengthened the development system without outsourcing it to the offshore development that is currently being used.

Other Support and Services Beside Mobile Application Development Services

After developing the application, it is not done yet. Following the development of the application, in order to be used by many users, the application needs to be released and uploaded to each Store such as the AppStore (for iPhone) and Google Play (for Android). Furthermore, it is necessary to prepare promotional methods for newly released applications.

APPKEY provides support services in addition to developing applications that allow you to make articles review that used as references by users through ASO (App Store Optimization) or through the application search section and Store applications. We also provide promotional support such as promoting through your own blog and media.

Fast Mobile Application Development Services using Cloud

In APPKEY, with phase and specification requirements in application development, we will continue the project so that will be no differences between the document that created previously, such as display transition diagrams or display configurations.

Besides, we actively utilize highly proven Cloud services in managing tasks, chat, admin documents, to share information and immediately develop projects for all teams, including projects from clients.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any help.