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APPKEY is a company that specializes in creating and developing mobile apps using Flutter, the latest cross-platform technology.

Flutter App Dev


Our app development company leverages the latest cross-platform technology to provide high-quality and cost-effective products in a short period of time.

We are an app development company that uses Google’s mobile UI framework, “Flutter,” to develop both iOS and Android apps simultaneously with the same code.
Additionally, we adopt the PHP framework “Laravel” for web systems, which allows us to develop complex systems with many features in a short period of time.

Cost Reduction

Cost Reduction

Using Flutter allows developers to use the same code across multiple platforms, which reduces development costs.



Flutter makes it easy to develop apps that run on multiple platforms, which can save development time.



Flutter provides good performance for users, with fast and smooth operation.



Flutter provides customizable widgets, making it easy to customize apps.

Features of Flutter

When developing mobile apps using Flutter, the following features come into play. Understanding these benefits will help our clients appreciate the advantages of using Flutter.
If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact our experts, who will be happy to answer your questions.

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Reducing development time and costs

Flutter allows you to develop the same app for various types of devices such as iOS and Android, which can help reduce the development costs.

Smooth development process

Flutter has a feature that allows changes to be reflected in real-time when making modifications to an app. This can shorten the time it takes developers to create an app.

Peace of mind with Google's development

Flutter is a framework developed by Google, which ensures high levels of security and reliability. You can trust that your app will be developed with peace of mind.

Fast and efficient performance

Apps developed with Flutter work just as smoothly as native apps. Flutter uses a fast graphics rendering engine, ensuring smooth app operation.

Flexible customization

Flutter has unique UI components called ``widgets``. By using widgets, you can customize the appearance and functionality of your app.

Publish your app in the app store

Apps developed with Flutter can be used on both Android and iOS platforms, and can be distributed through app stores such as App Store and Google Play Store.

Development Team and Project Management

Development Team and Project Management:

Our Flutter development team is assigned based on the requirements of the project. The project manager considers the skills and experience of the developers to form the most suitable development team. Agile development methods are often used for project management.


Customization and Support to Meet Your Needs:

Flutter-developed apps can be customized to meet your specific needs. We provide support for bug fixes and additional features even after the app release. We value close communication with our clients and prioritize delivery and quality.


Inquiries and Project Requests:

If you have inquiries or want to request a project related to Flutter app development, please contact us through the inquiry form on our website. Our dedicated staff will respond promptly to your inquiries. We can also provide proposals tailored to your needs and estimates. Feel free to contact us.


Question: What is Flutter?

Answer: Flutter is an open-source framework for mobile application development developed by Google.

Question: Is app development with Flutter cheaper than native app development?

Answer: Generally, app development with Flutter tends to be cheaper than native app development. However, the cost of development may vary depending on the app’s size and functionality.

Question: On which platforms can apps developed with Flutter be used?

Answer: Apps developed with Flutter can be used on both iOS and Android platforms. Additionally, web and desktop applications can also be developed with Flutter.

Question: What is the quality of apps developed with Flutter?

Answer: Apps developed with Flutter are of high quality and can provide smooth operation and beautiful UI.

Question: How are apps developed with Flutter delivered?

Answer: Apps developed with Flutter are delivered through app stores such as App Store and Google Play Store.

Question: What types of apps can be developed with Flutter?

Answer: Flutter can be used to develop various types of applications such as custom UI, animations, application state management, and access to native features.

Question: What are the benefits of developing with Flutter?

Answer: Flutter is an open-source framework developed by Google for mobile application development. It allows you to develop iOS and Android apps with the same code, which can save time and cost.

Question: Can apps developed with Flutter be slower than native apps?

Answer: Apps developed with Flutter are not slower than native apps. Flutter uses a high-performance graphics engine, making the app’s performance smooth and efficient.

Question: Is development with Flutter stable?

Answer: Flutter is an open-source framework backed by Google and supported by an active developer community. It is regularly updated, and issues and bugs are resolved, making it a stable option for app development.

Question: Will apps developed with Flutter work the same as native iOS or Android apps?

Answer: Yes, apps developed with Flutter work the same as native apps on iOS and Android.

Question: What operating systems are compatible with Flutter?

Answer: Flutter is compatible with multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, Web, Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

Question: Is app development faster with Flutter?

Answer: Flutter has a feature called Hot Reload, which allows developers to quickly see changes reflected in the app during development, speeding up the development process.

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