How Much Will App Development Cost in 2023? A cost breakdown guide for businesses.

How Much Will App Development Cost in 2023?

How Much Will App Development Cost in 2023? A cost breakdown guide for businesses.

how much does app development cost

Are you considering developing an app for your business in 2023 but not sure how much it will cost? The cost of app development depends on a number of factors, including the complexity of the app, its functionality, the platform, and the location of the development team. As an app company based in Bali, Indonesia, we understand the importance of providing cost-effective solutions to our clients.

Our app development costs in 2023 are estimated to average around $8,000 to $20,000 for a simple app, $20,000 to $80,000 for an average app, and $80,000 for complex app development. It should be noted, however, that these are only estimates, and actual costs will vary depending on a number of factors.

To help you better understand the cost breakdown of app development, we have created this guide. We will explain the factors that affect app development costs, as well as some hidden costs that you may be surprised to learn about. In addition, we provide tips to help you choose the right app development company for your business.

Factors that influence app development costs include app complexity, features, platform, and location of the development team. It is important to consider these factors when determining the cost of developing an app for your business.

Additionally, there are hidden costs associated with app development that are often overlooked, such as maintenance and updates, security, and marketing. By considering these hidden costs, you can better estimate the total cost of app development for your business.

Choosing the right app development company is also critical to keeping costs under control. Look for a company that has experience developing apps similar to ours and offers transparent pricing and communication throughout the development process.

We understand that cost is an important factor in app development. That’s why we strive to provide our clients with cost-effective solutions.If you are interested in developing an app for your business in 2023, read our comprehensive guide to understand the cost breakdown and make an informed decision.

How much does it cost for APPKEY to develop an app for my business?

Simple app development cost: $8,000 – $20,000
General app development cost: $20,000 – $80,000
Complex app development costs: $80,000 or more

However, in the absence of proper documentation, the estimated typical cost range for app development may be very approximate.
Since app development costs vary significantly depending on the features and functionality of the app, it is necessary to contact the developer directly to obtain an accurate estimate.

As an app company located in Bali, Indonesia, we understand the importance of understanding app development costs by app type and location.
With the price range for mobile apps in major countries reportedly ranging from $30,000 to over $400,000, the type of application is an important factor affecting the cost.

Let’s take a closer look at the types of applications and their APPKEY price range compared to the price range in major countries.

App Type (iOS+Android+back-end)APPKEY Price ( $ )World Price ( $ )
Mobile Apps22,000 - 92,00050,000 - 300,000
Web App25,000 - 92,00060,000 - 30,000
Startup App20,000 - 80,00040,000 - 400,000
Cab app (Uber)22,000 - 120,00050,000 - 400,000
Retail App22,000 - 100,00050,000 - 150,000
E-commerce app25,000 - 120,00060,000 - 400,000
Social Media App (Instagram)22,000 - 100,00050,000 - 300,000
Business Apps22,000 - 120,00050,000 - 200,000
Learning app (DuoLingo)25,000 - 100,00060,000 - 225,000
Video Streaming App30,000 - 100,00080,000 - 300,000
Restaurant app20,000 - 80,00040,000 - 150,000
Community app25,000 - 90,00018,000 - 150,000
Shopify App20,000 - 80,00030,000 - 180,000
Dating app22,000 - 92,00050,000 - 350,000
Food Delivery Apps20,000 - 100,00040,000 - 150,000
Hybrid Apps20,000 - 100,00040,000 - 200,000
Healthcare app22,000 - 100,00055,000 - 300,000
General Apps20,000 - 80,00040,000 - 300,000

As you can see, app development costs vary widely depending on the type of app.

The type of mobile app category is also an important factor in determining development costs. The top three mobile app categories are iOS apps, Android apps, and hybrid apps.

It is important to note that besides the type of app, app development costs also vary by location. For example, if you develop an app in Bali, Indonesia, the development cost will be much lower than in Silicon Valley, California.

Furthermore, the hourly rate for app development is country-specific and depends on the cost of living, infrastructure, and taxes in that country.

For example, the hourly wage for app development in Indonesia ranges from $20 to $50, while in the U.S. it can be $250 or more.

In conclusion, when planning application development, it is crucial to consider the type of application and its location. Understanding these factors will help you budget appropriately and make the app development process efficient and cost-effective.

Costs vary depending on the country where the app is developed

Developing a mobile app is an expensive investment for any company, and the cost varies widely depending on several factors. One of the most important factors determining the cost of app development is the country in which the development takes place.

Country/RegionHourly rate ( $ )
United States (USA)120~150
United Kingdom (UK)100-120
Australia (Australia)100-120
Western Europe80~100
Eastern Europe30-50
Southeast Asia20-40

According to industry estimates, hourly wages for app developers range from $120-$150 in the U.S. to $20-$30 in Indonesia. While cost may seem like the most important factor, it is essential to remember that higher prices do not necessarily guarantee quality. It merely reflects differences in salaries from country to country.

Indonesia may seem like an attractive low-cost option, but it is a country notorious for its low quality codes, so caution is advised.
In this regard, APPKEY spends a lot of time in the testing process during the app development process, and repeats the process of thoroughly removing bugs, so we are confident in the quality of our deliverables.

Apart from the type of app, the complexity of the app is another important cost factor. It is very important to have a clear idea of the features, functionality, and complexity of the app before proceeding with the development process.

In addition, the team involved in the development process also affects costs. In addition to developers, the team may include testers, scrum masters, business analysts, and project managers. The qualifications and experience of these professionals can also impact costs.

In conclusion, there are several factors that affect the cost of mobile app development.

While the country and type of app being developed are important, it is essential to consider other cost factors to get a clear picture of the total investment.
Before approaching a development company, consider making an informed decision and getting the best return on your investment.

How do costs vary depending on the difficulty level of the application development?

The cost of app development varies depending on the difficulty level of the app. For example, a game app with advanced features will cost more to develop than a simple informational app.

A simple app may be developed in a few weeks, while a complex app may require several months to six months or more.

Therefore, it is important to accurately assess the difficulty level of the app you wish to develop in order to determine the cost of app development.
It is also important to choose a developer with extensive knowledge and experience in app development.
It is also important to communicate regularly with the developer to check on the progress of the app. By taking these measures, the cost of app development can be reduced.

In app development, it is important to estimate appropriate costs based on the level of difficulty.
In order to develop a high-quality app while keeping development costs low, it is necessary to pay attention to communication with developers and project management. By considering the purpose of the app, its functions, and the development period, and by ensuring an appropriate budget, you will be able to develop a more successful app.

What is the impact of senior, middle, and junior skill levels on app development costs?

In app development, there are senior, middle, and junior skill levels of developers in a development team, but how do their skill levels affect development costs?

First, senior developers are experienced and have advanced development skills and are responsible for high level app development. They play a key role in projects and therefore receive higher compensation.

Middle developers are at the middle level of app development and are responsible for tasks under the direction of senior developers. Middle developers tend to be paid less than senior developers.

Junior developers are inexperienced or inexperienced developers and are expected to perform tasks as directed. Their compensation is relatively low, and as they gain experience and improve their skills, they are expected to receive higher compensation in the future.

However, hiring developers with different skill levels does not necessarily translate into higher development costs. In the development process, senior developers manage the entire project, while middle and junior developers are responsible for detailed tasks.
Thus, while different skill levels are rewarded differently, development costs can be kept down by managing them efficiently.

The types of specialists needed for app development and the cost of each.

Several specialists are required for app development. Below are the main specialists and their roles.

First, a project manager is needed during the planning phase of the app. They will summarize client requirements, manage the team’s schedule, and coordinate communication. The cost of this role will vary depending on the experience and skills of the person filling this role.

Next, you will need a UI/UX designer. They will design the look and feel of the application and the ease of use. The easier and more attractive their designs are for users to use, the better the app will be received. The cost depends on the designer’s experience and skills.

During the development phase, a front-end engineer and a back-end engineer are needed. Front-end engineers develop the parts that users directly operate. Back-end engineers develop the behind-the-scenes mechanisms such as databases and servers. The cost depends on their experience and skills.

Finally, testers and quality control personnel are needed. They verify and improve the quality and bugs of the application. The cost of this role will vary depending on the experience and skills of the person filling this role.

The cost of a specialist varies depending on experience and skills, but generally the order of cost is senior > middle > junior. The number of specialists required will also vary depending on the type and size of the application, and costs will vary accordingly.

What are the major cost elements in app development?

There are many costs associated with app development. The major cost elements include the following.

First, there are labor costs associated with development. Salaries and labor costs are required for programmers, designers, testers, and other specialists needed to develop the app. Costs also include office space and equipment needed during the development period.

Then there are costs related to technology and tools. This includes the software and hardware required for app development, as well as the cost of cloud services. Since the tools and technologies required for development are constantly evolving, there may also be costs associated with keeping them up-to-date.

There are also costs associated with app releases. This includes app registration fees, app store promotion costs, as well as costs associated with app updates and bug fixes.

In addition to these factors, costs can vary depending on the functionality and complexity of the app, as well as the length of development time. In general, more complex and larger apps require more manpower and time to develop, so costs tend to increase accordingly.

These are the major cost components of app development. Budgeting and cost control are critical in app development and require careful planning and research.

What are the additional costs that occur during development?

The cost of developing an application is affected by many factors. Many factors play a role in the cost, including the skill and number of people on the development team, the size of the project, and the complexity of the features. However, there are also other unexpected additional costs that can occur during development.

For example, if new functionality is needed during the course of a project, additional development time and expense may be required. Also, if unforeseen technical problems arise, additional debugging and modifications may be required, with associated costs.

In addition, the development of an application requires many tools and services. For example, software for development, server rentals, devices for testing, and advertising campaigns. Some of these tools and services have recurring fees.

Finally, additional costs may arise even after the app is released. For example, the cost of maintaining and updating the app, and the cost of user support. It is important to budget in advance so as not to overlook these costs.

By understanding additional costs and budgeting in advance, you can accurately estimate the cost of app development. Keeping close communication with your development team to monitor progress and manage your budget will be the key to success.

What are some ways to reduce the cost of app development?

App development costs a lot of money, but there are several ways to reduce those costs. Here are some ideas.

First, consider outsourcing. There are many companies in Asian countries like Indonesia and in regions like Eastern Europe that offer high-quality development services. Their costs are usually considerably lower than those of U.S. or European firms. Outsourcing also allows you to dramatically expand your development team. By expanding your development team, you can shorten development time and thus reduce development costs.

Next, try hiring remote workers. Hiring remote workers is especially effective if you are looking for great developers from around the world. They do not have to commute to the office, which saves costs for the company. They are also more motivated because they can work from the comfort of their own homes. Remote workers can choose their time and location and can even work as full time members of your company.

The tools and technology needed for development are another important cost. However, you do not need all of those tools and technologies. Some tools are offered for free, so you can use them to save money. Also, if a company does not fully understand the tools it needs, it can hire a professional consultant to discuss more effective ways to save money.

Finally, plan your development process accurately. It is important to have a clear timeframe and scope for the project. This will make development costs more predictable and avoid unnecessary costs. Clear planning also helps to increase the efficiency of the development team.

How to reduce the cost of app development by working with an international development team.

App development requires specialized skills and knowledge. However, working with an overseas development team can reduce the cost of app development.

When choosing an overseas development team, in addition to experience and skills, it is important to pay attention to price. While some development teams are inexpensive, others are of low quality, so do not make a decision based on price alone.

Besides reducing app development costs, using an overseas development team can also save you time. Developers in Asia and Europe have a time difference than developers in the U.S., so projects may move forward overnight. This allows development work to progress and project deadlines to be accelerated.

Communication is also important when working with international development teams. It is important to communicate through various means, such as e-mail, chat, and video conferencing, to share necessary information. If there is a time difference, be sure to provide the necessary information before the developer starts work.

Finally, when working with an international development team, it is important to keep in mind that there may be cultural differences and language barriers. Cultural differences can hinder the progress of a project, so it is important to understand their culture and communicate accordingly.

Working with an international development team not only reduces the cost of app development, but also provides a more diverse experience. However, it is important to give due consideration when selecting a development team and to emphasize communication.


Many factors affect the cost of developing an app.
First, understand that costs vary depending on the app’s features and requirements.
Costs also vary depending on the experience, skills, and geography of the development team.
To keep costs down, selecting the right development team is critical. Working with an international development team can reduce costs.
However, proper communication and project management are necessary. In addition to selecting a development team, other methods such as agile development and crowdfunding can be used to reduce development costs.
In addition, development time and design quality should be considered when estimating app development costs.
Finally, remember to take into account that the costs required for app development are not all incurred at once, but rather are incurred during the design, development, testing, and maintenance phases.
In order to minimize app development costs, it is important to understand the costs at each stage and choose the best approach.