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Aplikasi delivery makanan
Aplikasi delivery makanan

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Office Hours Monday – Saturday from 9 am – 5 pm Central Indonesia Time

Delivery Application Development

Delivery application help you to improve your delivery business performance.

Aplikasi Delivery Harga Murah


Include development cost of app and web back end, server costs and app registration to Google Play and AppStore

Keranjang Belanja Praktis

Simple Shopping Cart

With the shopping cart feature, it will help you to shop online easily and simply to help users saving more time

Mengelola dengan Mudah

Easy to Manage

Easy to manage transactions through admin panel, such as daily order, products, users, sales and delivery service

Aktivitas Promosi yang Efektif

Effective Promotion

In the back end, you can send notifications directly to the user’s smartphone. An effective way to increase sales

Presenting Quality Delivery Application at Affordable Prices

equipped with delivery features in one complete package.
If you want to add features to this basic package, please contact us

Delivery Application Features

item showcase image

Shopping cart

You can put various items into a shopping cart and order them together.

Multi Platform

This app is available in iOS and Android platform, and web for the back end.

Admin Panel

Actions and transactions within the application are managed through the web admin.


Admin side (company) can send messages to the user's smartphone (app) realtime.


Simple and intuitive user interface makes this app easy to use even by nonexpert.

Delivery Management

Users can choose the delivery time and date on app, and admin can manage it in realtime.

Order Management

Users can check order history and admin can also manage the history easily.

Product Management

The Company can set categories and sell products in the application in admin panel.

YouTube DEMO

Youtube - Aplikasi delivery makanan

Delivery application is accessable anytime and anywhere, using the android and ios devices.

Delivery application is usable in various businesses, based on your ideas. An application for a variety of store businesses with delivery services, such as food delivery, furniture delivery, bookstores, fashion etc

Delivery Application is an online shopping application with the products or services delivery function.


The best benefit of using delivery application

Users can receive the goods that they buy at home. Even when they’re lazy to go out, they can get the things they want easily.


The courier will deliver the order to the user’s address

Users can order products or services they want and wait patiently at home, and your courier can send the order quickly.


Suitable to improve sales

Do you want to sell products or services online while providing delivery services? Delivery application is here to help your company improving sales performance and providing delivery services at the same time.


Delivery service that will be released soon

Delivery application is a suitable tool for you who want to create a successful delivery business. This application can be used in various sectors depending on the idea you have. This is an economical package for building apps that you can use in your business.

delivery App

Delivery application presents a set of products consisting of a mobile application and an admin panel web.


Connected with database

When users order items from the application (front end), information is sent to the database system on the management screen (back end) on the Web, and delivery date and time information of items and orders can be confirmed.


Product Information Management

At the back end, the administrator can add and change product categories, prices, product image information. Data updated in the backend is reflected in the application in real-time.

Basic Cost


Available in 3 price packages to choose from

Paket Android dengan fitur standar

Android Basic Package Price


Android App

Paket iOS (iPhone) dengan fitur standar

iOS Basic Package Price


iOS (iPhone) App

Paket iOS (iPhone) + Android dengan fitur standar

iOS + Android Basic Package Price


iOS + Android App

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