WEB|Website development and design


Our goals is not only to ‘create’ but also to ‘succeed’ a website

A proper marketing idea and design will produce a website with a clear purpose.

Website Development and Design

Appkey is website development company located in Bali. We create various website such as company website, learning website, portal website. We also offer design service and provide high quality service to drive ‘sales’

Pembutan Situs B to B

B2B Site Development

BtoB Site Development

In developing specific B2B website, we don’t stop at offering design service, but also offer help in marketing planning, content production, as well as maintenance and update after the site went live

Desain UX/UI Sistem Bisnis

Business System UX/UI Design

Web Application UX/UI Design

Through user’s survey, prototyping and customer’s flow, to create Business system UI design required as well as preferred by customer.

Kompatibel pada Smartphone

Smartphone Support

Mobile Friendly Improvement

In every website development, we offer design service that support multi-device that includes personal computer, tablet as well as smartphone.

Pembuatan Situs Corporate

Corporate System Development

Corporate Site Development

Based on our experience in developing website for various companies from different industries, We’re confident to create a website for company that will contribute in customer’s business growth

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