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APPKEY | Website application development
Providing website application development with a responsive design. Professional display on various small-sized devices of smartphone, tablet and PC.
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Website application development

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Office hour: Monday – Saturday, 9 AM – 5 PM (GMT+8)


Responsive website is a website that supports both PC and smartphones in term of display flexibility where it’s not necessary to create two different web setup for PC, tablet and smartphone.

Nowadays, internet are accessible with mobile phone or to be exact, smartphone. Estimated in 2015 Internet being accessed from a mobile smartphone will exceed PC users.

Therefore, for a business owner to take full advantage from this business opportunity, we suggest you to start doing your responsive website application development as soon as possible from now.



If you’re developing homepage or updating existing website, then we highly recommend responsive website to you.



For website application development, Appkey have 2 methods: Website development by utilizing WordPress CMS and developing website with HTML.



WordPress CMS (Content Management System) with the most sophisticated feature known right now. Because it’s an open-source that widely used worldwide, allowing the development of sophisticated various web technology. The advantage of using WordPress is its capability to update blog easily by creating only 1 website. Because it’s convenience, we suggest you to use WordPress if you want to increase the number of your blog.



While creating a website using HTML programming language is a simpler way to create a website. There is no in-depth knowledge is needed to create a website with HTML. Even so, to be able to produce a website with a good design, you certainly need better knowledge in design.



First, contact us through email and we will contact you regarding your requests. For customer that located in Bali, We will directly visit and listen to your idea from the respective person in charge. Meanwhile, for clients that located outside of Bali, we suggest communicating by using telephone or Skype.



During the call, we’ll ask questions regarding the purpose of the website development itself, duration and your request. Aside from that, we’d like to ask additional information regarding your Internet capacity, Web server preparation and the need of domain.


The website mentioned here is website that specifically developed to support limited physical resolution on smartphone.



Recently, a smartphone is mostly used as a tool to browse the internet to find the information that people need. The same goes for a website visitor. That mostly consists of young people ranging from 20 to 30 years old. Especially female users in their 20’s that steadily increasing. Without we realize, our world has entered a smartphone era. To drive business into a company, it’s not a painful effort for a company to develop a specific website that supports their company marketing system



Based on that, nowaday 50% or more teenager in their 20 access internet through their smartphone. With this presentation, it’s predicted that in the coming years smartphone users as a tool to access the internet will exceed personal computer users.



When doing a website application development, we’re expecting that the website brings a lot of visitors. However, when our visitors visiting our website and realize that the website is not supporting smartphone, they will most likely turn to a website that supporting smartphone.



Even though we can see a website by using smartphone as well as PC users, it’s an undeniable fact that PC and smartphone operation is completely different. Based on that, to give easy website navigation, a professional specific website for smartphone are required.


If your company already own a website but not yet supports smartphone, we have a method to updating interface from respected website. Therefore making it easily accessible through PC or smartphone. However, if you want to develop a website from the beginning, our suggestion is to create a responsive web (for detail about responsive web, click here)



If the update for existing website requires a noticeable amount of budget or if you find some difficulties in renewing it, the biggest solution is to create separate smartphone website from the existing one.
For a consultation about your company website application development, you can contact us through email and we’ll get back to you. For customer that located in Bali, We will directly visit and listen to your idea from the respective person in charge. Meanwhile, for clients that located outside of Bali, we suggest you to communicate by using telephone or Skype.



Our marketing team will contact you directly about your prefered website detail as well as ensuring your Internet capacity around your environment.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for anything.