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APPKEY | Smartphone application development
Do you need icons etc. for your web or smartphone application development? Leave it to APPKEY. We will provide you with professional and good quality designs.
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Smartphone application development

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In creating a website or application, we believed that design is most important part. Providing a good design for website and application based on user’s preference and needs. with expectations able to support growth and customer’s company performance.
Unfortunately, there are a number of IT company that overlook the needs of design when developing an application or website with not an appropriate image or wrong text.



Inappropriate design quality usually affect user assessment to product or services provided. in a website or application. it’s very disappointing if the product that represents the company, packed in the appropriate design. For Appkey, product or service provided by clients is something very important, therefore we strive to provide great design in every website or application development.


To design an application or website, we have to clarify the purpose of respected website or application. By understanding the purpose, we will develop an optimized design.


We should look for the following item when developing design:



1) Clarify the purpose of website or application development by client
2) Developing an application or website concept based on purpose
3) Design and web or application draft
4) Write coding
5) Publishing and operating the website and app



Due to its shallow history and we realize there’s no fixed guideline in developing a website, the step above are fully based Appkey’s trial and error experience.



We recommend the said steps to minimize failure in website or application development. However, you’re free not to follow the step if you have a more appropriate guideline.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for anything.