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APPKEY | Mobile application project
This is a flow of how a mobile application project done by PT APPKEY.  Starts from accepting customer requests, planning, developing, publishing & maintaining.
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Mobile application project

Phone: +62-361-23-8091

Office hour: Monday – Saturday, 9 AM – 5 PM (GMT+8)


Proposal Meeting

We made our offer based on meeting summary that has been done with the client which consist of an idea or customer’s preference and website function that we will develop. After that, our team will propose the production schedule that we have to adjust for clients to check and consider.


Contract will happen after the agreement between Appkey and clients about the offer as well as work schedule and request from the user have accepted by Appkey


Sites Planning

The first step required in website development determining draft design and website content especially on front page that often we know as top page.


To obtain appropriate design, we observe idea and needs of our client need which will result clients only need to provide content such as text, image, logo, etc. that will be displayed on the website


Production & Development

After the design finished, the next step would be initiating coding work of all pages by utilizing PHP and HTML

This step involves writing or coding with PHP, HTML, CSS & Javascript to be able to displayed on browser. in this case, the most widely used in website development is CMS or also known as WordPress.


PHP is programming language that ever developing in WordPress that will continuously work in HTML language.


Publishing & Operating Websites

Publishing & operating a website is an initial step of the website itself. The number of pages possessed by a website will not directly boost website performance. You might think that by publishing company website could increase your company revenue. Of course, that’s an old belief.


Based on that to improve the website’s performance, Appkey will regularly do benchmarking and web analysis. To improve your company web performance, we’ll also provide service in the form of content creation or your website maintenance/renewal work.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for anything.