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APPKEY | e commerce sites
Helps increase customer company revenue through e commerce sites development, specifically for the purpose of increasing products sales in a business entity.
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e commerce sites

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Responsive e commerce sites(web e-commerce) that optimized for supporting smartphone and personal computer to ensure sales of product or service from a company.



As we know, there are numerous e commerce sites offering product or service. However, there are still e commerce sites that doesn’t support smartphones or tablet with smaller resolution than a computer with consideration on increasing internet access from smartphone. In the upcoming year, the term ‘website can only be accessed through PC’ will be outdated. Based on that companies need to reassess to apply the use of smartphone or tablet on their marketing if they want to maintain visitors



Every people or company that own a website, ideally would want their website to gain visitor. However, because of their website is not responsive which will result in the loss of users compared to a company who support smartphone resolution.



Even when we’re able to access website with smartphone as well as computer does, however, smartphone operation are very different compared to personal computer and that’s why to ease user’s navigation, smartphone specific professional website development are required.



In optimizing e commerce sites performance, Appkey utilize knowledge of latest new technology to build responsive website and support both PC or smartphone.

In e commerce site that sells product or service through the internet, customer need to input their personal data such as name, address, etc in order for them to purchase item and services provided on the website. The payment method used by each business will also vary such as cash, bank transfer and for users who have a credit card, they will have the option to pay with what’s called ‘PayPal’ or what normally known as ‘e-money’



On this occasion, Appkey design website system to manage a e commerce site from product introduction to service even customer’s information.


One advantage of shopping website (e commerce site) is its ability to build a responsive e-commerce website that able to support every device such as PC, tablet, smartphone compared to developing one website each. with concern to more efficient website development cost. Aside from that, when using the responsive web, the content or pages can be managed simultaneously.



Information management such as order, customer profile and product stock are centralized to minimize administration expenses which also very effective for SEO.



By combining access to single website access such as PC, tablet and smartphone, it will increase SEO activity to shopping website.

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